12 November 2010

Rock & Roll

So, I'm sitting rocking out to Guns N Roses with Little G, a beautiful African Grey who whistles the 'Go Compare' advert too much and is currently mewing like a kitten. I've got a cup of Lady Grey tea and I'm planning my next move. 

I'm trying to find a job, I'm trying to get my eating patterns back to normal after 10 months of pretty extreme dieting (and I'm trying to get used to not being fat, which is bizarre), I'm also trying to write up a piece for a friend on a local nature spot and I said I'd set up a website for another friend. Finally, I'm trying to write more. I used to write lots but now, not so much. I thought this might help. Some posts will be random brain farts, some maybe more thought out.

We'll see how this one goes.